91: un pranzo fantastico!

Pre-starter with a blanched tomato filled with formaggio di capra, on top of some pesto. Amazing bread in the background.
Gnocchi with fried octopus.
Ragù con cinghiale (?).


Sweets to-go and a bottle of wine.
Il ristorante e la machina.


For sure on of the most memorable lunches we’ve had so far. Not what we were in the mood for, not what we expected, but it turned out amazing. We asked our host for a lunch recommendation as we wanted something authentic, rustic and simple (perhaps a pizza), he recommended this restaurant owned by a friend of his. He said it was “in the higher price range, but totally worth it”. It turned out to be gourmet cuisine, innovative but crisp and with italian roots, and it was just amazing! The prices were in the upper range for Tuscany (I think we spent about €80-100 for one antipasto, two primi, and two glasses of wine). The staff was friendly and attentive, the dining room had an extremely classic and crisp look, no clutter, just perfect for leaving all attention to the food. We have been back twice, and will go again for sure! La Leggenda di Frati, here at its old location outside Siena.

Bacio  ❤

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