Hello and wellcome to my unpretentious, most often unedited, channel for sharing the inspiration I get from travels and life in general.

For quite some years I have enjoyed reading other peoples blogs and homepages, taking part of and becoming inspired by their lifestyles, taste for fashion, beauty routines, culinary endeavours, career decisions and travels. During the same period of time I too have accumulated quite some journeys and experiences, and for some (weird?) reason the ‘secret blogger’ in me have documented most of it with my precious camera, often NOT being greedy with resolution..

And – surprise surprise – both my computer and cloud storage spaces are – let’s just call it ‘slightly full’ – due to these photos. And you know what? Just like a lot of other people I have had no idea what to do with them, until when a precious someone in my life told me “You should start a blog”. I was like “NO, blogging is not for me..” My precious someone replied “What about a homepage then?”.

After chewing on this suggestion (for again, quite some time (as in years)) I reached the conclusion that it actually is a great idea! It is an opportunity to give back through sharing with you impressions not only from my travels but also from moments I value in daily life and how I become inspired and motivated. Hopefully I can inspire someone else back!

I will start out with making one post a day, for 140 days, then we’ll see 🙂 I hope you will enjoy!

Bacio  ❤