133: Sunset in Piemonte

La Morra, Piemonte, Italy

From our first visit in La Morra – a lovely little village in Piemonte that we have returned to a couple of times since. From the small square you can get an amazing panorama view over the Barolo valley and there are a couple of nice restaurants worth a visit. More on that in later posts.

Bacio  ❤

138: enjoy the journey


Kranebitten, Innsbruck, Austria

Learning to enjoy and appreciate not only the destination, but all parts of the journey, has given me a lot of pleasure and is something I still work on getting even better at. I love to see the beauty in everything…everywhere 🙂

Bacio  ❤

140 days – starting today!



Wellcome! For quite some years I have enjoyed reading other peoples blogs and homepages taking part of and becoming inspired by their lifestyles, fashion choices, beauty routines, culinary experiences, careers, decision-making, and travels. During the same period, I have experienced quite a few journeys myself, and for some (weird?) reason the ‘secret blogger’ (?) inside of me have documented most of it with my precious camera, often NOT being greedy with the resolution settings… And now – surprise surprise – both my computer and cloud storages are – let’s just call it ‘jammed’ – with photos. And you know what? Just like a lot of other people I have had no idea what to do with these ‘unstructured data’, until when a precious someone in my life told me “You should start a blog”. I was like “NO, blogging is not for me.” The same precious someone replied “What about a homepage then?”.

After chewing on this suggestion, for again, quite some time (as in years), I reached the conclusion that it is actually a great idea! It is an opportunity to give something back by sharing impressions not only from my travels, but also from moments I value in life, and from how I get inspired and motivated. Hopefully I can inspire someone back the same way they have inspired me!

I will start out with making one post a day, for 140 days. I hope you will enjoy!

Bacio  ❤