Travels – guides & ideas

The plan with this page is to publish some memos and ideas from our travels. Feel free to use them as guides or just inspiration for things to do and see. Everything is our personal opinions and experiences (see disclaimer). I hope you will find it useful!

The page will continuously be updated, so be patient 🙂

Austria – Mayerhofen

Caribbean cruise (eastern parts; Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico)

France – Bretagne
France – Chamonix
France – Southern parts
France – Tignes

Germany – Bayern

Italy – Dolomites / Trentino Alto Adige
Italy – Milano
Italy – Liguria
Italy – Lombardia
Italy – Piedmont
Italy – Roma
Italy – Toscana
Italy – Valle d’Aosta

Spain – Galicia

Switzerland – Basel
Switzerland – Engelberg
Switzerland – Winderswill
Switzerland – random mountains and cities

Thailand – Phang Nga Bay

UEA – Dubai

UK – Ireland
UK – London
UK – Norfolk and Cambridgeshire
UK – Shropshire
UK – South coast

USA – Florida
USA – New York
USA – San Francisco and surroundings

Road-trip: BMW 3-series convertible edition #1
Road-trip: BMW 3-series convertible edition #2
Road-trip: Mercedes S-class convertible edition #1