Italy – Piedmont

If someone asked me which I love the most: Piedmont or Trentino-Alto Adige (where the Dolomites are), I’d answer: it depends on! 🙂 I think both are amazing in their own ways: Piedmont for its wine, food, and calming exquisite views, and Dolomiti for its skiing in the winter-time and its breathtaking and energising views (at least that is how it works on me).

Here you can find some inspiration for restaurants and places to stay and see in Piedmont:
La Morra, Piemonte
Two villages worth visiting
20: towards Monaco and France
22: speachless
25: that sun
Cherasco market
Ristorante all’aperto, Langhe

Eating in Piedmont:
Osteria Dei CĂ tari, Monforte d’Alba
Osteria Dei CĂ tari, Monforte d’Alba (review)
Osteria More e Macine, La Morra (review)