Osteria La Salita (review)

Our favourite restaurant in Monforte d’Alba, Osteria dei Catari, was (once again) fully booked so we opted for the nearby located Osteria La Salita. A place we have walked by many times but without trying. Finally we did.

Antipasti misto
Formaggio di capra
Plin con burro di salvaggio
Secondo 🙂
Torta di cioccolata e gelato

The restaurant Osteria La Salita is located near the square in Monforte d’Alba, on the same road as Osteria Dei Catari. The lighting was, not so good, the interior very basic, but the atmosphere homey, casual and relaxed, and the staff was really friendly and caring. The food was well made and seasoned, fresh, and all in all, we had a surprisingly great experience! The prices were modest, I think we ended up with like 60EUR for two persons, including a couple of glasses of nice Barbera.
Bacio  ❤