Bagno Vignoni

A small super cosy town south of Siena. We stumbled upon as one of my Italian friends recommended us to drive through Crete Senesi. Bagno Vignoni is, as one can suspect from its name, an old thermal village. There are a bunch of really nice looking hotels/spas and restaurants, which we for sure will come back visit.

The central “pool” and its hotels and restaurants around.

Beautiful drawings and info about the history.

I guess this has been said for quite a few towns in the Italian countryside, but the views from Bagno Vignoni i just S T U N N I N G, simply amazing.

Even more beautiful when the sun went down. We managed to time our visit with a local beer festival (when in Rome right), which you can read more about in another post.

We will def go here again, perhaps a little off season and have a prolonged weekend in one of the spas 🙂

Bacio  ❤