USA – San Francisco and surroundings

The first time I was in SF I had less than 24 hours and I decided to make the most out of it  and see as many “must sees” as possible, applying my own style that is… 🙂 So, I arrived in late afternoon, went to the hotel to drop of my stuff, walked downtown where I did some shopping (it’s all about prioritising, right?). On my walk I passed through the Italian hoods and China-town, and when I was finished shopping I rounded off by walking through the financial distract in the night lights. Next move was to get up super early (i.e. 5.30) and walk around the city to enjoy as many as possible of the “must see” viewpoints. Spending hours in lines together with other tourists has never been my cup of tea.. 🙂

Break of dawn
6 am in SF
Lombard Street
More Lombard
Pier 39
The bridge of bridges…

Redwood Forest
More Redwoods

To eat in SF:
An American diner experience